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Construction Payroll services that save time and resources

As a leader in labor solutions for the construction and abatement industy, CRM offers payroll services in conjunction with our staffing packages or as a stand-alone offering. Using our services takes the payroll burden off of you, the client, reducing your payroll staffing and administrative costs, multi-state administrative costs, workers compensation burden and more. CRM has the staff, experience, and expertise to simplify how you pay your employees. We handle everything - receiving time-sheets from clients, processing payroll, paying individual crew members, and then billing you, our client. 

CRM will keep you tax compliant, while also offering worker’s compensation and liability insurance policies for your crew. We also provide efficient, accurate certified payroll reporting, turning reports around in a few days, so you can get paid fast for your work. With over 12 years of experience and 2,500+ W-2 employees, licensed in 48 states, CRM Workforce Solutions empowers companies to spend less time on payroll and more time on doing what they do best.

CRM's Professional Payroll Services Include:

  • Direct deposit / pay cards (payroll cards)
  • Certified payroll reporting
  • Invoicing
  • W-2 employees
  • Worker’s compensation and general liability insurance for crew members
  • Partner portal for real-time compliance validation 

CRM Provides Payroll and Staffing Services For:

  • Environmental engineering and construction companies
  • Asbestos abatement / removal
  • Emergency response / disaster relief / HAZWOPER
  • Mold and lead abatement / removal
  • Demolition staffing
  • Construction staffing
  • Large project staffing (government, municipal, university, airport, hospital, etc.)

Why Select CRM for Payroll and Staffing Services:

  • National reach with staff in 48 states across the USA
  • 2,500+ certified safety workers / W-2 employees in our network
  • 12+ years experience in environmental and abatement staffing
  • Value-added payroll and labor solutions
  • Safety focused - consistently achieves experience modification rates (EMR) below industry average (Current EMR .81)
  • Crew members are insured (Workers Comp and General Liability Insurance)
  • Compliance support - licensing, inspection, and compliance documentation in real-time via website
  • Bilingual Spanish and English speaking resources
  • Government project expertise - we handle reporting (who worked on projects, crew pay), as well as prevailing wage / rate of pay requirements 
  • Proven results, successfully managing projects with hundreds of workers on site

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