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Nine Reasons to Select CRM Workforce for Your Next Asbestos Abatement Staffing Project.

Not sure how to find the right environmental abatement staffing firm for your next asbestos abatement or demolition project? Below are just a few reasons why you should consider CRM Workforce Solutions.

  1. Experience – We’ve been providing quality abatement staffing since 2010 with the same federal tax ID number. We’re Not a fly-by-night operation!
  2. Size – With over 1500 certified asbestos and safety workers in our network, we can meet all your needs, both large and small.
  3. National Reach – We currently have qualified environmental abatement workers licensed in 48 states.
    Nine Reasons to Select CRM Workforce for Your Next Asbestos Abatement Staffing Project
  4. W-2 Crew Members – CRM provides W-2 employees, reducing your administrative headaches, and potential liabilities related to  FICA/unemployment.
  5. Value-Added Services – We’re more than just a staffing company. We provide value-added payroll and labor services to enhance your business and make your life easier.
  6. Safety – Safety is important to us because it is important to your business. We focus on safety via training and education, and it shows. CRM consistently achieves experience modification rates (EMR) below the Industry average (recent EMR .81).
  7. Bilingual – Our recruiters are both Spanish-speaking and English-speaking.
  8. Insured Workforce - Crew members are insured with workers comp and general liability insurance.
  9. Compliance in Real-time – Just click through to our portal and validate crew compliance (certifications, asbestos licensing, proof of OSHA inspections, etc.) in just minutes.

Interested in learning more? Contact CRM Workforce Solutions today.