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Asbestos Abatement & Removal Staffing

Planning your next abatement project and need qualified, licensed asbestos workers?

CRM Workforce Solutions abatement professionals can safely handle, remove, and dispose of asbestos, and support any sized asbestos removal project. Our staffing agency focuses on training, certification, and safety - to provide you with only the highest qualified crew members. We consistently have one of the lowest EMR ratings in the abatement staffing industry and can provide both local and remote crews, with most crew members certified to work on average in 3 to 5 different states and always ready to travel. We also provide OSHA-approved training and accreditation for all of our asbestos abatement professionals, ensuring all federal and state laws are carried out, to give clients peace of mind. 

With a national reach, 12+ years of experience in abatement staffing, and over 2,500 certified safety workers in our network, CRM is the only environmental and abatement staffing you’ll ever need. And that’s not all. CRM also provides our clients with value-added payroll and labor solutions to save you time and money, while reducing your labor-related headaches.

Staffing & Value-Added Services for Asbestos Abatement Projects

  • Environmental Asbestos Abatement Staffing / Recruiting Services
  • Payroll Services (certified payroll, reporting, direct deposit, invoicing) 
  • Labor Solutions (asbestos certification & licensing, e-verification)
  • Asbestos Training (32-40 hour program), Safety Training, OSHA Construction Training
  • Large Project Staffing (government, university, airport, hospital, etc.)

Why Select CRM for Your Asbestos Staffing

  • National reach with staff in 48 states across the USA
  • 2,500+ certified safety workers / W-2 employees in our Network
  • 85-90% of our team are certified asbestos workers
  • 12+ years experience in environmental and asbestos abatement staffing
  • Value-added payroll and labor solutions
  • Compliance in real-time - validate crew compliance (certifications, asbestos licensing, proof of OSHA inspections, etc.) via client portal
  • Safety focused - consistently achieves experience modification rates (EMR) below Industry average (current EMR .81)
  • Crew members are insured (workers comp and general liability insurance)
  • Bilingual Spanish and English speaking resources
  • National Demolition Association member
  • Proven results, successfully managing projects with hundreds of workers on site

We Provide Environmental & Abatement Staffing for:

  • Short (2-3 weeks) and long (multi-year) projects
  • End clients (owners)
  • Environmental engineering firms
  • Environmental construction companies
  • General construction contractors
  • Remediation contractors

We can help you and your team get the job done with the Certified Asbestos Abatement workforce you need, where you need them, and when you need them.


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